End of the financial year

Friday, 25th March 2016

It's nearly the end of the year. The end of the financial year, that is, for many organisations.

At this time of year many budget holders are checking whether they have spent their budget. If they haven’t, there can be a mad dash to use it up. Because, strange as it may seem to some people, those who haven’t used up their budget not only face the ‘use it or lose it’ situation for this year, they also can be hit with a double whammy where the following year’s budget is also reduced to match this year’s lower spend.

(Meanwhile, those who have been less diligent get to keep their money for the following year.)

This mad dash can lead to some poor buying decisions that are later regretted. The rush to spend can mean testimonials aren’t checked out, prices aren’t fully negotiated or solutions aren’t made as bespoke as they should be.

If you're in this predicament we have a solution for you, pay now and buy later! (Yes, you did read that right.) What we mean by this is that you can buy credits now, and then decide what exactly you would like to spend them on later. It can be anything from our range of services including facilitated workshops, training programmes and 1-1 coaching. And, as it’s Easter, if you buy before the end of next Wednesday, we'll add an extra 10 per cent to the value of those credits.

To discuss this further call us on or drop us an email at .

Meanwhile, have a great Easter!

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