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Given the wide range and bespoke nature of our interventions, we don't produce a catalogue of products or a full price list of courses. This page therefore gives a sample of the services that we offer...

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Strategic development for executive teams

It's not uncommon for executive teams to get caught in a cycle of always prioritising Business As Usual, to the extent that important strategic initiatives do not get delivered or even discussed. Red Penguin works with exec teams to enable them to design and deliver strategic initiatives whilst continuing to manage B.A.U. Key to this is developing the teamwork within the exec.

Customer Service

Many organisations recognise that to be successful, and to sustain that success year after year, it is essential to "put the customer first". Yet often this seems easier said than done. Red Penguin helps organisations to develop outstanding customer service by delivering training programmes, facilitated workshops and process re-design.

Facilitated workshops

There are many different understandings about what a facilitator does and the benefits they can bring. At Red Penguin we use facilitation to help our clients find a way to move forward with difficult challenges or quickly maximise new opportunities.

Red Penguin have demonstrated an exceptional ability to facilitate difficult issues and achieve positive outcomes.

Leadership development

The expectations upon leaders within organisations are ever growing – they are expected to achieve more and achieve it faster… often with diminishing resources. A huge amount of money and time is invested in developing leaders. Yet often the stats suggest that the results are far from ideal. For example a PwC survey showed that 81% of CEOs rate Leadership Development programmes as less than highly effective. At Red Penguin we produce leadership programmes that stand the test of time.

Presentation skills

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is rife. Some reports claim that 75% of people suffer from it. Certainly our own experience is that it is very common. Yet a professional presentation can make a significant difference to business performance. We help people to control their nerves, structure their presentations, deal with Q&A and, crucially, deliver a presentation with great impact.

Thank you for the opportunity to improve my presentation skills, I really enjoyed the day and learnt lots of practical ways to help me to feel more confident at presenting in future.

Team building events and away days

The phrase "Team Building Event" can trigger strong reactions - people love or loathe them, find them inspirational or tedious, consider them an uplifting occasion or a waste of time. At Red Penguin we know from experience that Team Building Events or Away Days can be an important component in building and maintaining a highly effective team and achieving your organisation's objectives. The key is to deliver that Away Day really well.

Training courses

"Red Penguin... you do training courses don't you?" Well, yes, we do run training courses. And we deliver facilitated workshops, team building events, away days and one-to-one coaching. But that's not really what we "do". Those things are a means to an end. What we really do is help organisations to achieve their objectives, through the development of their people. And sometimes that means training them.

Yes!!! It was a wonderful success, thank you very much – the feedback we have received from everyone was great. Am sure [we] will be using you guys again.


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