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What we do

There's a way to do it better ... find it - Thomas Edison

Everything that we do at Red Penguin is about bringing out the best in people. Whilst the methods we use vary from one client to another, that overall aim is always the same. It's people that grow a business.

Bringing out the best in people means that they perform at their maximum capability. Focus and productivity are improved, resulting in a better bottom line.

  • We empower people to find solutions to difficult problems they are facing
  • We help teams to work together more effectively and efficiently
  • We develop individuals' inter-personal skills
  • We work with companies to improve the engagement of their employees

The three 'E's

By working with us our clients see improvements in three 'E's: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Engagement:

Effectiveness: We enable people to become more effective at what they do by developing their business and behavioural skills. From negotiation and presentation to self-awareness and resilience we focus on areas that will significantly impact people's performance.

Efficiency: Slick and highly efficient processes in all areas of business are vital in a competitive marketplace. We enable teams to identify process improvements and to take ownership for delivering those improvements.

Engagement: It has been proved that a highly engaged team produces better results than one where morale is low and staff turnover high. Despite the desire for good morale, very few organisations have found a successful route to a truly highly engaged workforce. We help our clients to identify realistic solutions to improve employees' engagement, and ensure that everyone takes responsibility for delivering those solutions.

Here are just a few examples of the type of work we do:

  • Enabling executive teams to design and deliver strategic objectives whilst still managing Business-As-Usual.
  • Improving team work where relationships need to be improved.
  • Developing leadership skills in managers so that they are great role models and get the best from their teams.
  • Encouraging employees to initiate and embrace positive change.

Before Mark's involvement we were less sure... now it feels achievable. Mark's help has transformed our organisation.


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