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How we do it

We start by listening to our clients. We listen to how their business is performing, the context of their marketplace, the make-up of their teams, the relationships within and between the teams, the skills and behaviours of their employees, their concerns and their hopes for the future. In our first meeting with any client we let them do the talking. When we do speak, it's generally to ask something.


Then we have a period of reflection and analysis. Often we will follow-up with some supplementary questions. We may challenge some assumptions. We will summarise, clarify and confirm what we have heard

Next, we design a scheme of work that we believe will meet that client's needs. Everything we deliver is bespoke to each client so each scheme of work looks different to the last. Typically it may include some facilitated workshops, a training programme, some one-to-one coaching and, where appropriate, an away day or a teambuilding exercise.

The greatest of faults is to be aware of none - Thomas Carlyle

Throughout any engagement with a client, we believe communication is vital.

We are always talking to our clients, checking that we are on track, asking what's new, listening to their views. We are often complimented for the way we keep in touch during our programmes.

It has been suggested that the end of our programmes is the most important part. It's critical to us that all of our interventions have a lasting impact. We spend time with our clients agreeing how the impact will be achieved and we check back with them afterwards to ensure that is the case.

So, how do we do it? In summary we:

  • Listen, listen and listen some more
  • Design a bespoke solution for each client
  • Maintain good communication all the way through a programme
  • Ensure that we make a lasting difference

Very informative and enjoyable day. Will take a lot away from this with me for future use.


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