Over a third plan to change jobs this year

Friday, 30th Jan 2015

If staff turnover is something that keeps you awake at night, it may be best not to read on...

A recent survey of 1,000 workers and managers revealed that over a third are planning on leaving their jobs this year. Now, whilst it's obviously easier to say that in a survey than actually do so in reality, the trend is upwards and so it's vital that employers investigate what they can do to hold onto their employees. This is especially true of those employees they see as having the greatest potential in their organisation, as those are likely to be the ones who find it easiest to move on.

For some employers, simply giving pay rises and/or promoting people isn't that easy. But 30% of those planning to leave said one of the reasons was for better management and 27% said it was to get more training and development. Now those are areas every employer can do something about.

Somehow one month of the year has passed already… employers need to act fast before it's too late!

P.S. You can read more about the survey here...

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